Malted AI’s platform enables enterprises to build custom AI solutions utilising distilled Large Language Models (LLMs). Our technology leverages distillation to inject domain-specific knowledge into smaller, more focused LLMs that can scale in production.

The world’s first air quality sensor network delivering street-level air quality data in real time. Extremely versatile and free to access, AirScape creates a picture of the city, making it easier to pinpoint the most problematic sources and address them.

Avantia is a law firm specializing in providing efficient outsource solutions for routine, high volume legal documents. It works with some of the world’s leading asset managers, investment banks, companies and law firms. It uses technology to make legal process more efficient and to facilitate flexible working for lawyers.

A data-driven platform specialised in pathogen analysis for antigen discovery and vaccine design.

BeyondRisk is an innovative AI-driven platform that performs complex cyber risk calculations from empirical data and eliminates manual assessments completely.

BioCorteX is building the first clinically validated AI-driven human-microbiome platform.

Simplify your security workflow to focus on what matters to your customers.

Bother is a next day delivery household essentials service

CCX empowers you to plan, negotiate, and administer deals on your terms, with a simple and configurable infrastructure. Their proven technology delivers your strategy, and better outcomes.

Fluent empowers your decision makers with AI: Ask data questions directly, get insights instantly