Bother is a next day delivery household essentials service

Fluent empowers your decision makers with AI: Ask data questions directly, get insights instantly

FabricaAI is creating a future where ideating and developing a robot for any task takes days, not years.

Graphext is the advanced data analytics solution for the modern data stack, where data scientists collaborate with business analysts to answer complex business questions and create accurate and explainable predictive models, through powerful and unique user interfaces.

PACT designs elegant biomaterials made in harmony with the planet Earth. We’re committed to helping the world’s most innovative companies dream without boundaries. Our products are created with efficiency and kindness from the Earth’s abundant resources—beginning with an advanced material: Oval.

Juno inspires more human workplaces by connecting people to better choices. Up until now, workplace wellbeing and benefits have not worked. They were too rigid, not inclusive, and not tailored. Juno helps companies put the power in their staff’s hands, so they can design a program that works for them specifically. Our marketplace of wellbeing options, provided by only top tier brands, means that 80% of employees use Juno to get what they need every month.

Founded in 2022 by four world-class industry insiders, engineers & tech leaders. Bringing cutting-edge AI technology to the art of writing long-form narrative, empowering the author community.