Fixed-rate borrowing against crypto, giving users instant liquidity to multiply their investment

Assetario has developed a revenue optimization SaaS engine for mobile app brands.

They improve mobile app user revenue by combining deep player understanding and personalized app experience with common play patterns from across the industry to supercharge IAP targeting and marketing ROI with best-in-class performance.

Babylon’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth.

Simplify your security workflow to focus on what matters to your customers.

Bother is a next day delivery household essentials service

Campanja is bringing the power of high-frequency bidding and big data modeling to paid search, helping large online advertisers win customers and drive revenue, without overspending campaign budgets. Campanja’s Advanced Bid Optimization software predicts the value of every click and bids up to 7x/hour, adapting instantly to changes in market demand to ensure marketers never overbid or underbid. Campanja’s bidding software works seamlessly with existing campaign management systems, data and workflow, and drives double-digit improvements in campaign performance. Campanja is a [24]7 Company.

CCX empowers you to plan, negotiate, and administer deals on your terms, with a simple and configurable infrastructure. Their proven technology delivers your strategy, and better outcomes.

FabricNano transforms chemical processes using cell-free biomanufacturing technology. They empower users with the world’s most advanced, flexible and easily scalable biocatalyst platform to provide a more sustainable future, powered by enzymes.

Flair is a people analytics tool designed to foster anti-racist cultures in which all ethnicities can thrive. Through our anonymous surveys, organisations are able to diagnose, track and address racial biases within their culture.