Babylon’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth.

bd4travel was founded in 2013 by three former Amadeus colleagues who realised that “personal relevance” has the potential to change the travel industry – and that AI-driven personalisation is the necessary solution to provide the best web experience for each and every individual user.

Bother is a next day delivery household essentials service

Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way the world thinks about food delivery. It’s not a chicken chow mein and a night on the sofa anymore, it’s your favourite local restaurant, it’s a dinner party, a date.

They’re over a decade in, and along the way the team have taken hundreds of ideas from brainstorms to global roll-outs, like Deliveroo Editions – bespoke kitchens designed to host a locally-curated selection of restaurants. Editions are our solution to ensuring that our customers have access to the best of the food-scene, no matter where they live.

And that’s just what they’re like at Deliveroo, no compromise allowed and lots of food-inspired challenges to get your teeth into. Out-of-the-box thinking is actively encouraged and they move quickly to make great ideas happen. They’re energetic, fast-paced and blow off steam with free-for-all Friday lunches.

It’s a formula that’s working too – they’re bringing great food to customers in 13 countries and over 200 cities.

Operator of a direct-to-consumer fashion company aimed at the fast-fashion industry. Finesse specializes in a data-driven approach to fast fashion to spot trends early and bring apparel items to market months faster than their competition while also better-predicting demand to solve the waste issue, thereby providing customers with apparel and accessories that are up to date with the trend.

Fy! is on a mission to build the marketplace of people’s dreams by putting the coolest stuff on the most joyful shopping app on earth.

Wanted is a new talent agency whose mission it is to eliminate recruitment bias that often causes discrimination when offering a salary. The factors include but are not limited to: race, gender and belief. Wanted requires those looking for employment to enter their required salary and upload a CV/LinkedIn profile, before being matched to employers who are not able to see the full profile of the employee. This maintains their anonymity and allows for a non-biased review of their profile.

The company is tackling a lack of job transparency that exists far too often in the employment world, which results in interviews existing just to waste the time of the employee who at the end will realize that the job will not even cover their bills.

Inflow is creating a digital healthcare program for people with ADHD, by people with ADHD

Kbox enables owners of restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and other leisure assets to optimize under utilised kitchen assets by licensing our suite of delivery made brands in to their existing infrastructure at no additional upfront cost.

Limbo combines pioneering physiology research with a tech platform to deliver it to members