Malted AI’s platform enables enterprises to build custom AI solutions utilising distilled Large Language Models (LLMs). Our technology leverages distillation to inject domain-specific knowledge into smaller, more focused LLMs that can scale in production.

Avantia is a law firm specializing in providing efficient outsource solutions for routine, high volume legal documents. It works with some of the world’s leading asset managers, investment banks, companies and law firms. It uses technology to make legal process more efficient and to facilitate flexible working for lawyers.

A data-driven platform specialised in pathogen analysis for antigen discovery and vaccine design.

PACT designs elegant biomaterials made in harmony with the planet Earth. We’re committed to helping the world’s most innovative companies dream without boundaries. Our products are created with efficiency and kindness from the Earth’s abundant resources—beginning with an advanced material: Oval.

Marianas Labs is engaged in the development of algorithms for data analysis.

Mavrx provides field monitoring and farm stakeholder engagement services using a proprietary national imaging network, geospatial data science, and historic yield analysis to monitor crop production and help farms and all agriculture service providers optimize profits. The Mavrx platform supports agriculture service providers, farmers, insurance companies, and financial services touching over 100 million acres of U.S. and international farmland.

Headquartered in San Francisco, we currently operate in the U.S. and internationally.

Our team is a mix of engineers, scientists, and developers that build and utilize sensors, big data, and computer systems, while our backgrounds are in natural resources, big data, robotics, imaging, biomedical engineering, and sensor networks. We’re passionate about making a net-positive impact on the global process of food production and land management.

Really Clever is a fungal discovery platform pioneering new solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing problems

Portable, hospital-grade air purification using HEPA/UVC technology. Trusted by businesses globally, across all sectors.

At Universal Quantum we aim to make the world a better place by engineering the future of computing.

We combine the world leading physical performance of trapped ion qubits with our scalable engineering and control solutions to develop truly impactful quantum computers. Our machines will be capable of solving problems that would take even the most powerful supercomputers millions of years to solve with applications ranging across a broad range of different industries including pharmaceutical, finance and aerospace.

Valink Therapeutics (fka LiliumX) is a London-based spinout of the University of Oxford, focused on the development of next generation antibody-based therapeutics. We identify novel mechanism of action from known targets by incorporating bi-/multispecificity, multivalency and drug-conjugation into a single discovery process via our Universal Assembly Platform™