The world’s first air quality sensor network delivering street-level air quality data in real time. Extremely versatile and free to access, AirScape creates a picture of the city, making it easier to pinpoint the most problematic sources and address them.

FabricaAI is creating a future where ideating and developing a robot for any task takes days, not years.

Imagine a world where freshly-made, healthy food is as convenient as fast food.

Where every dish is tailored to each customer, with specific ingredients and portion sizing.

Where meals can be individually customized – but mass-produced.

We imagined it. So we built it.

By combining robotics with AI and state-of-the-art machine sensing, Karakuri delivers an entirely new category of made-to-order healthy convenience food.

Lumi is a new music tech company setting out to revolutionize how people learn and create music

Thanks to world-leading AI and robot control software, Nomagic provides smart pick-and-place robotic systems that adapt to multiple environments and can receive, store, sort and pack products, operating from 1 shift, 5 days a week to 24/7 depending on needs.

Smartline elegantly fuses beautiful jewellery with advanced sensor technology, helping people improve their wellbeing without compromising on style or comfort.

XYZ Reality is the UK start-up behind HoloSite, the world’s first Engineering Grade Augmented Reality device.

On a mission to eliminate 2D in its entirety and bring an industry in decline back to life, XYZ Reality is enabling construction workers around the world to build from holograms and it’s making a huge dent on the 77% of megaprojects that overrun globally.

Construction workers can now view and position design models on site to 5mm accuracy and make real-time decisions in the field. The ground-breaking technology also significantly eliminates errors out of tolerance and reduces the time taken from set-out to build.

Named one of the top five construction technology firms, XYZ Reality is focused on making the lives of all construction workers easier by democratising the skill-set, boosting productivity and closing a skills-gap.

They term AR, Assisted Reality, existing only to enhance the role of the construction worker.