A data-driven platform specialised in pathogen analysis for antigen discovery and vaccine design.


Many donor livers are too unhealthy or damaged to be transplanted and so go to waste, even though one in six patients die waiting for a new liver. The main reason for discarding a donor liver is that it contains too much fat. We rejuvenate these fatty donor livers by directly targeting over-active genes, making these livers transplantable.

We use recent breakthroughs in genomics to find and shut down over-active genes driving disease, and then go straight to testing our therapies in discarded donor livers that we keep alive on a machine. This approach makes us better, cheaper, and faster than traditional drug discovery.


Panakeia develops technologies to make cancer-related deaths a history through single-step diagnosis and precision treatment.


At Pear Bio, we culture patient-derived tumor cells in a biomimetic hydrogel and an organ-on-a-chip to recreate how cancer cells behave in the native environment.


Generative AI platform for protein design that learns from existing failed experimental data.


Phagos develops a solution against the silent pandemic of antibiotic resistance.

The company developed an ML-driven bio platform unlocking unprecedented bacteriophage efficiency. Phagos combines ML predictive ability and optimised microbiology workflows to produce scalable, personalised phage therapies as an alternative to antibiotics.

Their first market focus is the biggest consumer of antibiotics in the world: animals.


Valink Therapeutics (fka LiliumX) is a London-based spinout of the University of Oxford, focused on the development of next generation antibody-based therapeutics. We identify novel mechanism of action from known targets by incorporating bi-/multispecificity, multivalency and drug-conjugation into a single discovery process via our Universal Assembly Platform™


Vidya Health is the medical technology company based in London focused on next generation diagnositics.